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We think it is more important that you can sail well, than being in possession of all kinds of papers. That is why Happy Sailing does not require no CWO or sailing license  for renting a sailing yacht.

At the start of the rental you will receive extensive instruction about the yacht, how everything works and where the most important controls are located.
We do ask that you mention your sailing experiences in advance so that we can estimate whether you have any experience.

Even if you have little experience, you can contact us, you can follow a short course or even book a skipper for the trip.

At Happy Sailing we think it is important that you have a nice sailing holiday or weekend with us, and we are happy to help by thinking along and possibly supporting you with a skipper or sailing lesson!
The skipper can be hired for an hour or for a number of full days.

If your sailing skills are in doubt, we will advise a skipper for a short period, after which the choice can be made to continue sailing yourself or to do this with a skipper. All our skippers and instructors are CWO certified, so you are always in safe hands.