Sailing lessons cabin sailing yacht

Learn to sail on a cabin yacht at our sailing school


Cabin yacht sailing is a fantastic water sport that is widely practiced by young and old in the water-rich Netherlands. In calm weather things quickly go well, but experienced sailors know that the weather can change just like that, and it is then of great importance that you have sufficient sailing experience to be able to act properly and adequately. It often goes wrong with novice sailors on keel yachts, which is why good sailing training is of great importance.

Happy Sailing’s keel yacht sailing instructors are experienced sailors who pass on their knowledge and skills to our students with passion and pleasure.

Learning to sail on a cabin boat with us is possible with or without obtaining a Happy Sailor certificate.

The home ports of our cabin sailboats are Medemblik and Hoorn.

1 day sailing lesson cabin sailing yacht

Getting to know sailing


Have you always wanted to sail, but (almost) no experience on a cabin sailing yacht? Then this 1-day sailing clinic is ideal for you. You will become acquainted with the various factors that come with sailing on a keel sailboat.

What to expect on this sailing day:

Explanation of the yacht, sails and engine
Hoisting and lowering sails
Sailing various courses; upwind, half wind and downwind
Experience for yourself what it’s like to be at the wheel and feel the wind
Tack on and jibe
You learn the basic concepts
You can ask all your questions to our instructor

Duration: 09:00 to approx. 17:00 (day in consultation)


Private lessons: weekday 495 Euro / weekend day 550 Euro
2 persons, p.p. : weekday 275 Euro / weekend day 325 Euro
Joining as an individual with 1 other student: weekday 275 Euro / weekend day 325 Euro
Joining as an individual with 2 other students: weekday 195 Euro / weekend day 275 Euro

Additional days are negotiable if desired after this day.

Reservations: Call us on 0229 750 739 or mail us via out contact page

Dehler 39

Sailing course cabin sailing yacht Non Tidal – 3 days

Learn to sail independently – with sailing yacht charter certificate


During this 3-day sailing course you will learn, depending on your basic knowledge and skills, either to become a full crew member or to steer a sailboat independently (sailing and maneuvering) under calm conditions on no tidal water (non-tidal).

What you will learn during this sailing training:

All the basic skills on a sailboat
Sail and steer a sailboat independently under calm conditions
Safety on board for you and (inexperienced) crew
Sailing various courses; upwind, half wind and downwind
The various concepts of sailing
Sailing through a lock and mooring at bridges
Maneuvering in the harbor

We will sail in a relaxed manner on the IJsselmeer and/or the Markermeer. In consultation we can either visit various beautiful harbor towns or sail back daily to the home port of Medemblik (or Hoorn). Lunches can take place either on board or ashore in consultation.

If all elements are sufficiently mastered after this sailing course, you will receive your Happy Sailor Non-Tidal certificate. This will make you capable enough to navigate the non-tidal waters such as the IJsselmeer independently with crew under calm conditions.

With this certificate you can also rent a sailing yacht at Happy Sailing 🙂 This is under the condition that from wind force 5 Beaufort will not be sailed.

The 1st time you rent a sailboat, after obtaining this certificate, you will receive a 5% Happy Sailor discount.

Price on weekdays per person: Monday to Wednesday (full days) 425 Euro (extra day(s); 135 Euro per day)

Price weekend p.p.: Friday to Sunday / Saturday to Monday (full days) 550 Euro (extra day(s); 135 Euro p.d.)

Reservations: Call us on 0229 750 739 or mail us via out contact page

Sailing course cabin yacht Tidal – 5 days

Learn to sail independently on tidal water


If you have the necessary experience on non-tidal waters, you can further broaden your sailing experience with this sailing course for tidal waters. What you will learn in this cabin sailing course:

Learn to sail on the Waddenzee and North Sea with a cabin sailing yacht
Sailing with tidal water, currents and bigger waves
Making Tide Calculations
Navigate with and without GPS
Sail trimming and sail various wind courses
night sailing
Safety for (inexperienced) crew
Entering seaports
You learn to sail independently with responsibility
In principle, the instructor does not touch the helm
You learn to sail with a waiting schedule

If all elements are sufficiently mastered after this sailing course, you will receive your Happy Sailor Tidal certificate. This makes you capable enough to sail under normal circumstances (no strong winds) along the coast and across the Waddenzee.

With this certificate in your pocket you can rent a sailing yacht at Happy Sailing :).

The 1st time you rent a sailboat, after obtaining this certificate, you will receive a 5% Happy Sailor discount.

Duration: Sunday evening to Friday afternoon

Price: 775 Euro

Reservations: Call us on 0229 750 739 or email us via the contact page

Sailing training and corona rules

What is possible?

Update: April 1, 2021: during the day you can sail above deck with 4 people from 4 different households. You can stay overnight with a maximum of 1 household + 1 guest (just like at home).

Sailing lessons on your own yacht

Learn to sail in your trusted environment

If you want to learn how to sail on your own yacht, you can hire one of our instructors for 245 Euro per day.

Rent a sailing yacht

After obtaining your Happy Sailor certificate

As soon as you have obtained your Happy Sailor certificate you can rent a sailing yacht at Happy Sailing. The first time even with 5% Happy Sailor discount!

Here you will find an overview of the sailing yachts within our fleet

Practicing sailing maneuvers

Learn online how to moor, sail and more

On this page you can read more about the various sailboat operations and sailing maneuvers such as jibing, mooring, anchoring, sail trimming and more. A nice preparation for your sailing training.

Whichever shape you choose; with our passionate instructors you will feel like king of the sea (or the IJsselmeer) in no time!

Be Happy, soon you will be Sailing !

Happy Sailing Google Reviews

N.M. Slop
N.M. Slop
We hebben heerlijke dagen gehad op de mooie fijn ingerichte zijlboot Lady Victoria. Alles wat we nodig hadden was aanwezig en de communicatie was zeer prettig. Een echte aanrader!!!
Erika van Stroe
Erika van Stroe
Winner 950 gehuurd. Mooie en goed onderhouden boot met goede zeileigenschappen. Ruim kuip en ruime salon. Indeling van de bedden is een beetje aan de krappe kant. Prima ontvangst en prima afhandeling. Zonder meer een aanrader. Bedankt en tot een volgende keer!
L vd Broek
L vd Broek
Topverhuurbedrijf, snel en flexibel en prima boten. Ze zijn altijd goed bereikbaar, hebben een leuke diverse vloot over verschillende locaties. Heb al een aantal keer bij happy sailing gehuurd en altijd perfect. Zeer aan te raden
Declan McCarron
Declan McCarron
Recently i had a sailing day on the Lady Victoria in Enkhuizen. Im very new to sailing, so i was with Theo, a master sailer, and his mate Jeroen, also a great sailer. The Lady Victotia is a classy boat, truly a fine strong boat to be out on the waters. I was assisting Jeroen & Theo, and doing what i could, with the expert instruction of both skippers. After we had a drink and some food. The day was deeply Joyful, and i look forward to another day, on the Lady ⛵
h doze
h doze
Elan 340 gehuurd vanuit Lemmer, zeer gastvrij ontvangen en alles goed geregeld.
Joris Verhaeghe
Joris Verhaeghe
Heel goed ontvangen en relaxed kunnen zeilen met een leuke boot. Zeker de moeite om nog eens te doen. top Happy Sailing!
Bert Boersma
Bert Boersma
Boot gehuurd met vrienden. Wat probleempjes met de motor maar zeer goed opgelost!
Wim Blaak
Wim Blaak
Ondanks dat we een echte Hollandse zomer hadden, een prima vakantie gehad met de Hanse 34. Flexibele opstelling en heldere communicatie van Simon van Happy Sailing heeft daar zeker aan bijgedragen.