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It’s actually quite a pity that your sailboat is still for a large part of the year? You are probably familiar with the concept that you can rent out your own sailing boat via the so-called Buy & Charter formula. Happy Sailing now makes this simple and achievable. Through the ‘Happy Renting’ concept you can easily recoup (part of) the costs or even make a profit with your sailing yacht by renting it out.

In this concept we not only rent out your yacht, but we can also support the refit of the yacht as far as necessary. It is also checked whether it meets the safety requirements. By cooperating with specialized companies, we can purchase most materials at Happy Sailing at a favorable price, which immediately benefits you as a yacht owner!

Are you planning to purchase a new sailing yacht or are you looking for discounts and tax options? Then view the possibilities of our Happy Buying concept.


How does Happy Renting work?

  • Together with the experts of Happy Sailing (developers of the Happy Renting concept), an action plan is drawn up to bring your sailboat into a representative and good condition (if necessary or desired). With this you make good use of Happy Sailing’s experiences and contacts in this area.
  • Direct contact with importers enables the purchase of materials at the lowest achievable prices. This increases the value of your sailing yacht very effectively. You earn these costs back through the Happy Renting concept.
  • Happy Sailing then rents out your sailboat. Of course you indicate in advance which weeks/periods you want to enjoy your boat yourself; they will be blocked for you. In addition, you can always sail in the periods when the boat is not rented out.
  • If we hand out the yacht for you from our home port in Medemblik, 35% excluding VAT on the rental income will be charged. The rest of the income is for you; with this, depending on the number of weeks that your boat is rented out, you can (partly) recoup the costs, or even keep a nice profit. As the owner, you don’t have to do anything extra for this. An optimal combination of sailing pleasure and profitability.
  • For the 35% that Happy Sailing receives through this Happy Renting concept, we arrange, among other things:
    • Promoting the boat through numerous channels with the aim of attracting sufficient tenants
    • Contact and email traffic with tenants and potential tenants
    • Drafting rental contracts
    • Arrange payments
    • Reception tenants on board with an explanation of your sailboat
    • A detailed check for any defects with every intake
    • If necessary, the insurance work in case of damage
    • And of course keeping track of and periodically transferring the tax-free rental income you have earned! (as a private landlord you do not pay tax on this income)
  • If you prefer to spend your yacht yourself, you can. In that case, the commission for Happy Sailing is 25% excluding VAT. Your yacht can be moored in any desired port. We will then continue to arrange the rest for you.
  • Insurance: although we will maintain the paperwork and contact with the companies in case of damage, the yacht will remain insured through you. You can also join Happy Sailing’s fleet insurance, so that you can realize a very affordable rental cover for your sailboat.

Curious whether it is better to buy or rent a sailboat? Read our article here.


Which ships are eligible?

A yacht does not have to be completely new to be rented out, but the lower limit is about 2005 as the year of construction. For certain yachts (such as Dehler) that are known for a very solid construction, earlier construction years are also fine; this mainly concerns the condition of the yacht.

There is a market for most of the better-known brands. It is especially important that the yacht is well maintained. The most popular brands on the rental market are currently Bavaria, Dehler, Beneteau, Jeanneau and Hanse. Everything is possible with regard to the length of the yacht. The smaller yachts between 18 and 26 feet are more often used as day or weekend sailers and larger yachts from 28 feet to 50 feet are often rented for longer periods, especially in the summer months.


Rent out right now

Every year we notice that the demand for rental sailing yachts is increasing. This is also apparent from figures from, for example, the Hiswa. There is a growing group of sailors who are still working, who would rather rent a sailboat than buy one with all the obligations that come with it. As a yacht owner you can therefore benefit from this new trend in water sports by also renting out your yacht.

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