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With Happy Sailing to Pampus for the 3FM 50 years festival!

Next weekend, October 2/3/4, 3FM will be celebrating!
The 50th anniversary of radio station 3FM is being celebrated on the island of Pampus.

Now you can easily take the ferry to the island from Muiden, but it is of course much more fun to sail with your friends from our harbor in Hoorn to Pampus, and then drop anchor there! You will be dropped off at the jetty so you can party on the island!

Next weekend our Dehler 34 will still be available, with 8 sleeping places!

Want to come with even more friends? Give us a call for other available yachts such as our Bavarias!

From October 1, radio DJ Frank van de Lende will start broadcasting from Pampus. All 3FM DJs will be present, and we understand they will also be behind the bar to provide us with the necessary drinks!