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Sailing inland from Zeeland to the IJsselmeer is not possible at Alphen on the Rhine.

It has probably not escaped anyone’s attention… But due to the accident in alphen aan den Rijn, it is currently not possible to sail from Zeeland to the IJsselmeer or vice versa via the standing mast route. The only way to return to the IJsselmeer is to do this from the outside over the North Sea. It is best to sail into the North Sea at Steldam via the mud hole, and to enter the North Sea Canal at IJmuiden.

If you have no experience with sailing at sea, ask one of our skippers to sail with you. It is not only safe, but you also learn the intricacies of (sea) sailing!

you can be back in our harbor in Hoorn within 3 days of sailing from Steldam. 1 day from Stellendam to Scheveningen, one day to IJmuiden and one day via the North Sea Canal to Hoorn.

If the weather is good, it is of course also possible in 2 days by sailing to IJmuiden in 1 go.

Even if you are not a tenant at happy Sailing, you can of course make use of our skippers, just give us a call to coordinate this.