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Rent a sailboat in Greece?

These are exciting times in Greece with the upcoming GREXIT (Greece Exit).
Next Sunday will probably be the redeeming word whether Greece will keep the Euro!
Greece is a popular destination for sailing holidays, and we can understand that!
Renting a sailboat in Greece means sun, wind, and beautiful azure blue water…

The uncertainty in Greece at the moment makes it a bit doubtful whether it is still wise to rent or charter a sailboat there.

The dangers of renting or chartering a sailing yacht in Greece are mainly not being able to pay by card. Many shops may close. But also think of your Borg. If you pay this in advance, you have a chance of not getting it back.
The Greeks will probably be very critical of returning the deposit.

At Happy Sailing we wonder if you still want to go to Greece! In the coming weeks it will be great sailing weather in the Netherlands…
Temperatures around 25 degrees, nice wind, and you can just keep pinning!

Call or email us for our latest last-minute offers!

We still have our Dehler 34 available for a few weeks in the fall, and the Bavaria 35 is also a super holiday boat!