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At Happy Sailing you can rent a sailboat without a license without any worries!

zondervaarbewijsThis does not mean that everyone can rent a boat, of course, but the most important thing is that you are familiar with sailing and maneuvering sailing yachts such as our Dehler and Bavaria’s.
The only thing you need at Happy Sailing for renting a boat is therefore no sailing license but practical experience and self-knowledge.

If you are still in doubt whether you can handle it yourself, you can hire a skipper from us for € 150 per day, who will help you get started with sailing. Our experience is that this is a very useful investment as it gives a lot of rest on board after this refresher course. If you follow this day or part of the day with the crew, everyone knows exactly how the ship works and what everyone’s task is.

A navigation license is required for ships above 20 meters or that can sail faster than 20 km/h. At Happy Sailing we do not rent these sailing yachts, so it is no problem with us.

Do you want to get a boating license? We recommend doing this of course as you will learn a lot from it. Our skippers can teach you a lot of theory during the practical lessons so that the theory of the license does not become too dry, but that you can relate it to practical situations.