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Happy Face Curacao ?

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Happy Face: Curacao or IJsselmeer ?

The season is coming! Boot Dusseldorf is underway and soon the Hiswa will also open its doors. Time to set up a Happy Face and book a vacation!

Curacao is a beautiful holiday destination, but why not just the IJsselmeer?
White beaches? We also have in our Marina Cape Horn,
Wind? Well, the Netherlands is known for its good winds in the season, little storm, and it is almost never windless.
Sun? Of course there is sometimes a cloud in front of the sun, but that also nicely blocks the UV radiation so that you don’t burn too quickly!
Without fooling around; Curacao is of course a beautiful country, but sometimes people forget how beautiful the Netherlands is, especially with all its beautiful areas for sailing!
The Netherlands has a super climate in the summer from April to September. Temperatures above 20 degrees, the water temperature of the IJsselmeer is wonderful to swim in and you don’t have to fly there!

Discover the IJsselmeer, and read our article about the IJsselmeer, or Zeeland. The IJsselmeer has beautiful sailing opportunities with cozy cities such as Enkhuizen, Lemmer and Stavoren.
Would you also like to have a Happy Face this season on the IJsselmeer? Please contact us quickly and inquire about the good deals and the sailing yachts still available!

We still have a few beautiful sailing yachts in Hoorn, such as our Dehler 34 or the Bavaria 35!