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Which sailing area do you like to sail around this year?

A typical activity of sailors in the winter is planning a new sailing season with new destinations to sail to! It is interesting to see that sailors are pre-eminently enterprising. They crave new challenges, with beautiful new sailing areas.
There are very few sailors who rent a sailing yacht in the same place every year and sail around there.
What is also typical is that the sailors like to stick to the ships they have rented in previous years. In itself logical because sailors like to have control on the water, and it is therefore very nice to know the ship in advance. For us it is of course also a confirmation that our ships are in good condition and therefore pleased with our customers!

There are many beautiful sailing areas in the Netherlands. As an IJsselmeer specialist, we know how to advise you about this before you go on holiday. Also read our articles about the IJsselmeer with the beautiful harbor cities such as Enkhuizen, Lemmer, Medemblik or Stavoren.

The IJsselmeer is a beautiful region, it is not for nothing that we see a lot of foreigners sailing around here. The IJsselmeer is beautifully sheltered, and in every wind direction there is a beautiful harbor ahead.

Would you also like to sail on the IJsselmeer? Call us on 0229 750 739 so that we can advise you which yacht is the best and which destinations will make your holiday the best!