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Sailing with children on board…

It was a lot of fun again today on the Water! At Marina Kaap Hoorn, all kinds of activities were organized with bouncy castles for the children and plenty of entertainment for the parents with live music and various activities.
Simon and the children also enjoyed the beautiful weather with the good wind.

Sailing with children

Would you also like to sail with children on board?
Ask us which ship is best for that. We are happy to share our own experiences with children with you!
Pay attention to clear rules for the children when maneuvering, mooring, etc. As long as it is clear what is and is not allowed on board, sailing will be a lot more carefree!
We also know where to find the nicest ports with the best playgrounds. Think of the petting zoo in Hindeloopen with childcare, or the playground in the company harbor in Enkhuizen.

Sailing with babies often sounds scary, but this is actually the easiest! Babies almost never get seasick and we are happy to put the Maxi-Cosi in the right place with you, both in the cabin and in the cockpit. For sleeping, we advise you to bring the so-called dome tents. Preferably with mosquito netting. As a result, the baby is well protected against mosquitoes, and they cannot fall off the bed.

Children love to sleep while sailing. Then try sailing in the evening! You can then enjoy the setting sun while the children are sleeping.