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Sailing in the evening on the IJsselmeer.

Would you also like to enjoy the tranquility of the water? It often surprises us how wonderfully quiet it is in the evenings on the IJsselmeer. The sun does not set until around 10 pm. What should you take into account when sailing in the evening and at night? Of course the lighting and navigation is important. While sailing, the 3-color light on top of the mast must be on. When you start the engine, the white steam light on half of the mast should be on, as well as the side lighting and stern light. An important point is that if someone falls overboard, this person is difficult to see in the dark. So make sure you have lifelines, or have a light on the life jacket. A throwline with a buoy with a light also works very well.

Would you like guidance while sailing at night or in the evening?

Our skippers are happy to help you! They are happy to sail with you the first time to learn the tips and tricks for safe sailing in the evening and night.

You can also sail the Round around North Holland with us! A competition tour where you learn to navigate at night, sail trim and also have a good time!