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Sailing on Youtube

Zeiljacht Bavaria 38 huren in Noorwegen

In order to experience the summer feeling every now and then in the somewhat colder winter months, it is nice to occasionally watch videos of people sailing our beautiful planet.

More are added every month; youtube channels of couples, solos and groups of friends who sail the oceans full time. Fantastic to enjoy a bit that way … and perhaps also get inspired for this alternative lifestyle!

Deep down we all want it…

In any case, these are a number of channels that have inspired me in recent years:

Sailing La Vagabonde

Currently by far the most popular YouTube channel of a couple who first sailed around on a yacht and for a year on a luxury catamaran. They also recently had a baby; because it’s sooooo sweet to look at, their popularity has exploded over the past year to now over 1 million followers!

Kanaal Sailing La Vagabonde

Sailing SV Delos

Also a very popular group of sailors. Go on fantastic adventures and are especially known for making a lot of contact with the locals. They also experience many wonderful adventures in nature. Their adventure started years ago with 2 brothers. 1 brother recently married and had a baby with his wife which caused them to disembark. The other brother now sails the yacht with his girlfriend; together they always have other guests on board who can sail with them for a few months or longer. True bon vivants.

Kanaal Sailing SV Delos

White Spot Pirates / Untie the lines

This is a solo person who sails around the world on her own   on a year sailing yacht ‘Carl’. Super cool and tough of her. She also experiences wonderful adventures and always meets nice people.

Kanaal White Spot Pirates

Sailing Isis

My cousin Joost with his wife Froukje and their 2 daughters Wende and Isa went for it and set off in 2019 with their Beneteau 430 (still for rent at Happy Sailing in 2018) for a true world trip! Very cool that they do this. You can follow them on their website:

Site Sailing Isis

These are 3 that appeal to me, but there are many more and as I said, new ones are added all the time. Have fun watching, but watch out because before you know it you too will leave your home and hearth behind for a whole new adventure!